The purpose of the Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion (4CI) is to provide advice on the work related to the Chancellor’s new released Pillar of Equity and Inclusion. Specifically, this council will help us guide and continue the work on some of the main objectives of the Pillar as follows:

  • Build upon and enrich our diverse culture, focusing on addressing current weaknesses and deficiencies, with the same investment, innovation and rigor that we approach other efforts at UCSF.
  • Enhance the personal, curricular and professional development and organizational strategies needed to support and sustain a diverse and inclusive culture, striving to provide equal opportunity at all levels.
  • Establish metrics for UCSF’s culture of equity and inclusion and measure, evaluate and report on outcomes on a annual basis to ensure accountability and transparency
  • Foster an ongoing dialogue within our campus and the Bay Area community about issues of equity, inclusion, disparities and social justice and address such issues head on through ongoing, bi-directional communication.

Co-Chairs: Renee Navarro and Dan Lowenstein

Staff: Alejandra Rincón

2016-17 Members:
Brian Alldredge
Maureen Brodie
Linda Centore
Lisa Cisneros
Shari Dworkin
Bruce Flynn
Sue Forstat
Paul Garcia
Nathaniel Gleason
Karen James
Nerissa Ko
Larisa Kure
Miguel Linares
Bert Lubin
Jennifer Mannix
Judy Martin-Holland
Afomia Mesfin
Joyce Meza
Thomas Nguyen
Terri O’brien
David Odato
Susan Ritter
Angel Rosario
George Taylor
Jose Tinajero
Saul Villeda
Tiana Wooldridge
Sharon Youmans
Ira Young

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Award