The Staff Subcommittee is charged with identifying, implementing, and evaluating efforts to improve and promote an inclusive and equitable climate for staff at UCSF; to recommend to the VC changes that will impact staff from underrepresented groups at UCSF; and to monitor progress toward stated goals. The Subcommittee will work with the VC's office and the 4CI to facilitate the implementation of campus programs, activities and procedures that address issues facing underrepresented staff at UCSF and support the Chancellor's three-year goals.

Co-Chairs: Susan Schultz and Karen James

Carmen Alonso
Sandra Canchola
Kizza Chadiha
Randy Daron (Ex-officio)
Shirley Hodges
Kathryn Jackson
Jennifer Mannix
Cesar Sanchez
Eric Van Uffelen
Trenicia Williams
Donald Woodson