2016  Chancellor’s Diversity Leadership Awards winners

UC San Francisco’s 2016 Chancellor Diversity Awards honored 10 individuals who are leaders, activist and pioneers in the fields and communities that they serve for their work in advancing equity and inclusion.

The Chancellor’s Diversity Awards serve to recognize outstanding efforts of individuals or teams toward advancing an inclusive campus climate at the University of California San Francisco.

These awards recognize the accomplishments of faculty, staff and students that contribute to diversity and inclusion through exemplary efforts. Recipients demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion through recruitment and retention efforts, teaching, research, multi-cultural programming, cultural competency, community outreach activities, or other initiative.

Awardees are current faculty, resident, postdoctoral scholar, staff, students, units, or other functional teams of the University of California San Francisco.

Awardees evidence an outstanding commitment and sustained efforts toward the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion within the University. Awards are based on the diversity areas of race and ethnicity, gender, GLBT, and disabilities and/or their intersections. Awardees have exhibited efforts in one or more of the following areas:
  • Demonstrated exceptional efforts to promote a campus environment that is free from bias and discrimination.
  • Promoted and advanced recruitment of and hiring or admissions of a diverse university community.
  • Promoted and advanced retention of and career mentoring of a diverse university community.
  • Contributed to the generation and dissemination of knowledge of disparities through research, teaching, and education.
  • Undertaken efforts that are above and beyond the routine expectations of the job, position or project.