Bridge to Bioscience Internship Program
The program is open to all students, with or without scientific backgrounds, and with a special focus on under-prepared, lower income students. The program provides training and personal support to prepare students for certificates and degrees in the Biosciences.The Bridge program is a semester-long, 8-unit program. Students enroll in 3 concurrent classes in Biosciences, Language Applied to Biosciences and Math Applied to Biosciences, which meet 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. These classes are offered as day and evening courses at different campuses in San Francisco. Find out more about the course requirements. Students who wish to obtain hands-on experience through an internship in the second semester must enroll concurrently in the Bridge's Internship program.This requires for students to take an additional 4 units and 7 hours of classes during the Bridge semester. Students can also enroll in these courses after they have completed the Bridge program
San Francisco
The Bridge to Bioscience Internship offers unpaid, part-time internships.