To examine the issues affecting individuals with disabilities at UCSF including evaluate policies, programs and procedures, serve as a coordinating body and increase accessibility for disability groups or individuals, work with VC’s office to address issues facing the UCSF disability community and support the Chancellor’s 3-year goals.

2017-18 Members

Nathaniel Gleason Faculty Co-Chair Assoc. Professor of Medicine
Janhavi Bonville Staff Co-Chair Assistant EVC&P, EVC Administration
Tiffani Chan Staff to Committee Project Manager, Office of Diversity and Outreach
Susan Alves-Rankin Staff Project Manager, UCSF Health Experience
Andrew Bird Staff Facilities Engineering (M/C)
Gerri Collins-Bride Faculty Clinical Professor – Dept. of Community Health Systems (SON)
Christine Diamond Staff  
Bruce Flynn Staff Risk Management and Insurance Services
Clarissa Kripke Faculty Associate Clinical Professor, Family & Community Medicine
Patti Mitchell Staff Associate Director, Capital Programs (Campus)
Tim Montgomery Staff Director, Student Disability Services
Diane Ngo Staff Capital Budget Analyst, Budget Office
Susan Pappas Staff Director, UCSF Health Experience
Judy Rosen Staff Manager - Campus Disability Management Services (HR)
Kimberly Topp Faculty Professor and Chair, Dept of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
Erick Villalobos Staff Director, Transportation Services
Megan Winkelman Student School of Medicine

Disability Service Leadership Award