To examine the issues regarding the status of women at UCSF including analyze policies, programs, and procedures, serve as a coordinating body for groups or individuals concerned, recommend changes in equity and fair access to campus programs and activities, work with VC’s office to promote the advancement of women at UCSF and support the Chancellor’s 3-year goals.

2018-19 Members

Nerissa Ko Professor School of Medicine
Larisa Kure Associate Dean School of Dentistry
Staff to committee:
Andrelyn Rivera Executive Analyst to the Vice Chancellor Office of Diversity and Outreach
Mona Bajestan Assistant Clinical Professor School of Dentistry
Mabel Chan Associate Professor Dept. Of Pediatrics, School of Medicine
Sneha Oberoi Professor Orofacial Sciences, School of Dentistry
Rupal Shah Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Aparajita Singh Associate Professor School of Medicine
Barbara Stuart Associate Professor Dept. of Psychiatry, School of Medicine
Diane Wara Professor Dept. of Pediatrics, School of Medicine
Lauren Weiss Associate Professor Dept. of Psychiatry, School of Medicine
Deborah Baker-Reyes Professional Standards Division UCSF Police
Elizabeth Clark Communications UCSF Police
Ariel Deardorff Data Services  Library
Nicole Gusman Policy Analyst School of Medicine
Leanne Jensen Associate Vice Chancellor Campus Life Services
Suzanne Murphy Executive Director Business Service Ctr
Sarah Nelson Analyst School of Dentistry
Laurae Pearson Director of Administration School of Medicine
Lesley Snyder Director of Leadership Communications School of Medicine
Page Sorensen Specialist Research Development Office
Elizabeth Ennis Postdoctoral Scholar Bioenginnering
Sol Fereres-Rapoport Postdoctoral Scholar Cardiovascular Research Institute
Milena Gianfrancesco Postdoctoral Scholar School of Medicine
Huong Kratochvil Postdoctoral Scholar Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Ogonna Nnamani Silva Student, Graduate Division School of Medicine
Lekshmi Santhosh Assistant Professor, Fellow School of Medicine
Catherine Lucey Vice Dean for Education School of Medicine
Elizabeth Ozer Professor Dept. of Pediatrics, School of Medicine

Tip Sheets

Download these CACSW Tip Sheets to ensure UCSF is Inclusive for Women:
10 Actions to ensure that UCSF is Inclusive for Women
Are you chairing a committee?
Are you on a search committee or hiring?
Are you on an admissions committee?
Are you organizing a seminar or conference?
Are you a mentor, supervisor, or manager?

Reporting and Resources

Download this list clarifying the different venues of reporting and support available at UCSF for survivors of sexual harassment, assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.


Advancement of Women Leadership Award