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Pediatric providers at UCSF are deeply committed to the creation of a highly qualified, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural workforce in health care. In response to COVID, a team of pediatric health care professionals created an innovative, online curriculum for approximately 115 high school students from under-represented backgrounds across California and New Mexico to provide key learning opportunities and exposure to the health care setting at UCSF. This virtual pipeline program was created by a partnership between the Pediatric Diversity Committee and the FACES for the Future Coalition.

There were 4 online 1.5-hour webinars during April and May 2020 on the following topics:

  1. healthcare career panel;
  2. pediatric case studies in the newborn nursery, emergency room, and pediatric hospital setting;
  3. COVID Q&A; and
  4. wellness with a focus on self-compassion and self-affirmation.

For each of these webinars, students had the opportunity to meet and talk with various faculty members, residents, medical students, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, and other key staff members at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco.

The project demonstrates that motivated partnerships can help reach a breadth of students from a variety of backgrounds, including those in rural and isolated areas. For UCSF providers, this opportunity allowed us to engage with and learn from the communities we serve, with the hopes of improving our own patient care.

Get Involved!

Volunteers are welcome for this coming academic year.

The Pediatric department also welcomes collaborations with other departments at UCSF to provide students with exposure to different specialties and disciplines. Email [email protected] for more information.


Key Organizers:

  • UCSF Faculty/Resident/Medical Students: Daniela Brissett MD, Greta Peng MD, Gwendolyn Hubner MD, Jessica Ashley Williams MD, Tiana Woolridge MD, MPH; Alma Martinez MD, Karen Sun MD, Efrat Lelkes MD, Juan Raul Gutierrez MD, Laura Rubinos MD
  • FACES Team: Tomas Magana MD, Veronica Sanchez, Karen Lane, Brooke Briggance


Leanne Duhaney, MD
Monica Shin, MD
Michelle Hines, MD
Alison Huang
Miriam Therese Crennan, OT
Neha Vaneet Seth
Nora Chun-Uba, PT Manager
Heather Seo, ST

Jamila F Nightingale, SW
Elizabeth Longacre, RN
Cat Marks RD 
Kelly Stewart
J Raul Gutierrez, MD
Laura Rubinos, MD
Kayla Karvonen, MD
Mckenzie Dupont, MD

Fernando Romeo Zamarripa Guzman, RN
Erin Macknight, NP
Jessica Tohmc, RN
Golda Marie Hernandez, SW
Ivie Tokunboh (MS3)
Kathleen Wallace (MS3)
Drew Robinett (MS4)
Morgan Kelly (MS4)