CTSI and Academic Senate: Underrepresented Faculty and Senior Fellows Award in Clinical and Translational Medicine
This grant mechanism provides support for senior fellows, instructors, assistant, associate and full professor faculty from historically disenfranchised racial and ethnic groups that are under-represented in health sciences, or from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The goal is to encourage fellows and faculty from these groups to remain in academia as career professionals and thus to increase the diversity of our faculty. Research can be any area relevant to clinical and translational research which includes bench-to-bedside/laboratory-to-human (T1) translational research, clinical research and bedside-to-community/evidence-to-practice (T2/T3) research. Social, behavioral and economic research as it affects health is included. If not directly involving the study of people or populations, the proposed research must be clearly justified as being on the path to potential use in humans.
Erin Breed
September and February annually
Fiscal Year