Fresno County Medical Society Scholarship
The Fresno County Medical Society Scholarship Foundation is an incorporated entity (501 (c) (3) of the Fresno-Madera Medical Society, created to administer a perpetual and revolving scholarship fund for deserving medical students of Fresno and Madera counties.The Scholarship Foundation was made possible by the excess funds realized from the Sabin Oral Polio Sunday Clinics in 1962-63. With the efforts of the citizens of both counties, these clinics were organized and sponsored by Fresno-Madera Medical Society to immunize the population of Fresno and Madera counties against poliomyelitis. Throughout the years, additional funds have been generated through contributions, memorial gifts and repayments on monies from former recipients. All applications for scholarships are reviewed and considered by the Scholarship Foundation Board, members of the Fresno-Madera Medical Society. All information submitted is confidential. Scholastic achievement, need and prospects for completion of the chosen curriculum are important considerations and factors in granting a scholarship.
Sandi Palumbo
Must be a resident of either Fresno or Madera County for a one-year period or more.