Pharmacy Information Day: Fresno
This special program will help you discover pharmacy as a profession and learn about the training you need to succeed in this well-respected, highly-compensated healthcare field. Participants will learn about the unique role of pharmacists in healthcare, the many options for career specialization, and the workforce demand for pharmacy professionals. Students and faculty will share their insights on the Doctor of Pharmacy program at UCSF, the curriculum, admissions requirements, and preparation for the field of pharmacy. Program overview: (1) Career opportunities in pharmacy - Pharmacist panel; (2) Overview of the doctor of pharmacy curriculum; (3) Why pharmacy? Student-pharmacist panel; (4) Preparing a competitive application; and (5) Interprofessional Health Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program Presentation (Optional)
Joel Gonzales
Open Invitation
This program is offered at 3 Locations: (1) Fresno; (2) Long Beach; and (3) San Francisco. Follow-up with website or contact information for upcoming dates.