SF BUILD - Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity
SF BUILD is a program based at San Francisco State (SFSU) in partnership with UCSF. The overall goal of SF BUILD is to enhance diversity of the biomedical research workforce by transforming teaching and research environments at SFSU. This is done through activities at the institutional, faculty and student levels - at both institutions. SF BUILD activities are designed to reduce and even eliminate stereotype threat, which occurs when individuals experience worry about the possibility of confirming a negative stereotype about their gender and/or ethnicity. These concerns have been documented to lead to underperformance in the classroom, and even to early exist from the biomedical research field. Our approach is to create changes at the institutional level (also at UCSF), so that all students perform to their true potential and feel engaged, supported and that they belong. SF BUILD works across both institutions and involves faculty from different schools, departments and divisions. This project is funded by the NIH.
Esteban Burchard
Ongoing, Students (undergrads) are only selected at SFSU each Spring and come to UCSF for a summer program
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UCSF Mission Bay
UCSF Mt. Zion
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