UCSF Educational Skills Series of Faculty Development Workshops
Free faculty development workshops fall into several series to serve UCSF faculty and learners at all levels of educational development and interest that includes: 1) Key Educational Skills Series: Foundational educational knowledge; 2) Clinical Education Skills Series: Topics with a clinical teaching focus; 3) Simulation Education Skills Series: Skills for teaching with simulation; 4) Interprofessional Teaching Skills Series: Skills for creating and maximizing interprofessional learning opportunities; 5) Teaching for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety: Skills for teaching QI/PS in didactic and clinical settings; 6) Education Leadership Skills Series: Skills for current and aspiring education leaders; 7) Assessment and Education Research Skills Series: Skills used in learner assessment, program evaluation, and education research; 8) Medical Education Grand Rounds: Short, up-to-the minute lectures, often with visiting scholars; 9) Special Topics in Education Series: Timely and cutting edge topics by invited and local faculty developers. The workshops address one or more of six educational themes: (1) Assessment; (2) Curriculum Development; (3) Leadership and Career ; (4) Learning; (5) Teaching; and (6) Research.
Victoria Ruddick
24 hrs prior to workshop date
UCSF Parnassus
San Francisco
Bay Area
UCSF Mission Bay