The UCSF-UC Berkeley AMSA Premedical Mentorship Program
Current, selected UCSF medical students will take on a semester-long mentorship role over selected UC Berkeley AMSA (American Medical Students Association) members in order to expose the mentees to what being a medical student is like. The mentors will be available by email, text, etc. to answer the mentees' questions and provide guidance. The mentors and mentees are also required to meet face-to-face at least once during the mentorship, and also during possible UCSF campus/medical school tour(s). This is an excellent outreach opportunity for UCSF medical students to help and guide aspiring doctors, and this is a fantastic opportunity for premedical students to receive top-notch mentorship!
Ajay Yalamanchi
UCSF Parnassus
San Francisco
Bay Area
UCSF Mission Bay