UNCF/Merck Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowships
UNCF/Merck Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowships will help African American graduate students complete coursework, conduct research, and prepare the dissertation required for a doctoral degree in the biomedically relevant life or physical sciences and engineering. Awards up to $53,500. At least 12 dissertation fellowships will be awarded in 2014. Each fellowship provides up to a maximum of $53,500, which includes a Stipend of up to $43,500 for the Fellow and a Research Grant of up to $10,000 to support the research needs of the Fellow. The fellowship stipend is intended to cover from 12-24 months of fellowship tenure. A maximum of $30,000 in stipend may be received in any 12 month period. The Fellow must be engaged in and within 1-3 years of completing the dissertation research having successfully completed all qualifying exams by September 1, 2015. Each UNCF Merck Graduate Fellow will be paired with a mentor/s and will be expected to maintain regular contact with his/her mentor. Each Fellow will present a progress report of research work during the last half of the fellowship tenure. Each Fellow must also submit a two-page research summary of their fellowship research and updated Curriculum Vitea to UNCF at the end of their fellowship tenure. UNCF must be notified upon receipt of the degree.