Diversity and Inclusion committees provide a structured forum from which the senior leadership is apprised of recommendations and concerns from the diverse campus community and can maximize enterprise-wide potential and expertise to further the success and mission of the University. Membership on the committees is voluntary and represents faculty, staff, trainees, and students.


To provide advice on the work related to the Chancellor’s Pillar of Equity and Inclusion through supporting organizational strategies, addressing weaknesses and deficiencies, establishing metrics, and fostering communication within campus and the Bay Area Community.
To identify, implement, and evaluate efforts to improve and promote inclusive and equitable climate for UCSF staff, recommend changes that impact underrepresented staff groups that work with the VC’s office and the 4CI to address issues and support the Chancellor’s 3-year goals.
To share resources among representatives (primarily faculty) from UCSF departments who are carrying out diversity work within their units, to learn about the different types of work that encompass diversity efforts (i.e. faculty recruitment, education and training, diversity in residency) and provide fellow faculty with a community that supports their interests and initiatives.
To examine the issues affecting individuals with disabilities at UCSF including evaluate policies, programs and procedures, serve as a coordinating body and increase accessibility for disability groups or individuals, work with VC’s office to address issues facing the UCSF disability community and support the Chancellor’s 3-year goals.
To examine issues of concern to the UCSF LGBT community and make recommendations of the VC of Diversity and Outreach on issues related to biases and discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity, work with the VC office to address issues facing the UCSF LGBT community and support the Chancellor’s 3-year goals.
To examine the issues regarding the status of women at UCSF including analyze policies, programs, and procedures, serve as a coordinating body for groups or individuals concerned, recommend changes in equity and fair access to campus programs and activities, work with VC’s office to promote the advancement of women at UCSF and support the Chancellor’s 3-year goals.
To address issues impacting the Asian Pacific community and to promote professional and social relations within UCSF, as well as the rich and diverse cultural heritage of all Asian communities. APASA works closely with other UCSF minority organizations to address issues of equality, fair labor practices and diversity at UCSF.
To provide an open forum to all people of African descent and allies on campus to openly express matters of race as they affect life on campus and in the community. The Black Caucus will serve as an instrument for the formation of a Black consensus on racial matters that affect every person on campus. This consensus will then be presented to the University Administration for appropriate action.
To bring together the Chicano/Latino community at UCSF through the efforts of increasing Chicano/Latino representation in various roles on campus, addressing issues that affect the community, giving recognition of the contributions and efforts, providing professional development opportunities.