Chancellor Award for Advancement of Women

Nominations are now closed. Awardees will be announced in October 2024.

Award Description

Diversity, equity and inclusion are inextricably linked to UCSF's mission of education, research and patient care, and UCSF faculty, staff, students and trainees are actively engaged in equity and inclusion in multiple local, regional and global settings. Each year this award recognizes and honors three individuals at UCSF—one faculty, one staff, one student/resident/postdoctoral scholar—who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and service to the advancement of women beyond the scope of their job, area of research, or training. This year those whose contributions are aligned with our Anti-racism Initiative are encouraged to be nominated.

Nominations: The nomination period for the 2024 Chancellor Awards for Diversity is March 27, 2024 to May 10th, 2024. Please check below to review eligibility requirement, selection criteria and nomination process.

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination

Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a UCSF academic or staff employee (with a minimum 50% appointment), or a student, a resident, or a postdoctoral scholar continuously from the time of nomination to the award ceremony in October.
  • Have either a P-series (P1-4), S-series (S1-S2), or M-series (M1-M4) classification but do not hold the title of assistant or associate vice chancellor or equivalent VP or Executive VP title in UCSF Health.
  • Have not previously received a Diversity Award from any of the four categories.
  • Have exhibited and sustained efforts toward engaging in diversity, equity, and inclusion as delineated below in the "Selection Criteria."
  • Endorsements from the supervisor and department head of the nominee.
  • We encourage nominations of individuals, not groups.

NOTE: Questions regarding classification, employment, and enrollment eligibility can be answered by Human Resources or Student Academic Affairs prior to submitting a nomination.

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be evaluated per the following criteria:

Base of Operations—demonstrates emerging or sustained commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for the advancement of women, proportionate to their capacity to do so. (Some employees in higher level positions/jobs may have a greater capacity to perform this service more visibly than those in lower level positions).

Scope & Effort—demonstrates exceptional efforts beyond the scope of the nominee's job, research or training in the accomplishment of promoting an environment that is free of bias and discrimination and advances goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the advancement of women.

Impact—demonstrates that their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts for the advancement of women have resulted in long-term benefits to recipients and community at large or a potential model for the establishment of other programs or activities.

Required Nomination Materials

Each nomination should have a minimum of one nominator and up to two supporters who are familiar with the nominee's work. Please see all required nomination materials below.

  1. One nomination form completed by the nominator
  2. One nomination letter from the nominator citing specific examples of the nominee's contributions and impacts as related to the "Selection Criteria".
  3. Up to two support letters citing specific examples of the nominee's contributions and impacts as related to the "election Criteria". Please note: support letters may be endorsed by multiple supporters. Any additional support letters submitted may not be read by the selection committee

Submission of Materials

We are excited to launch a new online nomination process this year for increased efficiency, accessibility, and equity. A nomination guide and worksheet are available for additional guidance.

For questions, please contact

Past Recipients


  • Laurae Pearson (Staff)
  • Jody Steinauer, MD, PhD (Faculty)


  • Eleanor Palser, PhD (Learner)
  • Julie Ann Sosa, MD, MA, FACS (Faculty)


  • Tejal Desai, PhD (Faculty)
  • Bridget Keenan, MD, PhD (Learner)


  • Nicole Bush, PhD (Faculty)
  • Jacqueline Fabius (Staff)
  • Heather Richbourg, PhD (Student)


  • Nerissa Ko, MD, MAS (Faculty)
  • Sophia Levan (Student)


  • Christina Mangurian, MD, MAS (Faculty)
  • Naledi Saul, MPM (Staff)
  • Julie Boiko, MD, MS (Student)


  • Lauren Weiss, PhD (Faculty)
  • Suya Colorado-Caldwell (Staff)
  • Shan Meltzer (Student)


  • Nancy Ascher, MD (Faculty)
  • Katherine Thompson-Peer, PhD (Fellow)


  • Diane Havlir (Faculty)
  • Catherine Garzio (Staff)
  • Crystal Nyitray (Learner)


  • Elizabeth Ozer (Faculty)
  • Cynthia Lynch Leathers (Staff)


  • A. Sue Carlisle (Faculty)
  • Alissa Perrucci (Staff)
  • Heather Logghe (Student)


  • Patricia Robertson (Faculty)
  • Tracey Gearlds (Staff)


  • Philip Darney (Faculty)
  • Judith Young (Staff)
  • Lauren Booth (Student)


  • Claire Brindis (Faculty)
  • Michael McGuire (Staff)
  • Sunita Puri (Student)


  • Jane Koehler (Faculty)
  • Rosalie Gearhart (Staff)
  • Aruna Venkatesan (Student)


  • Carroll Estes (Faculty)
  • Dixie Horning (Staff)
  • Maureen Shannon (Student)


  • Ruth Greenblatt (Faculty)
  • Anjali Kumar (Resident)


  • Barbara Gerbert (Faculty)
  • Crystal Morris (Staff)
  • Lydia Pace (Student)


  • Diane Wara (Faculty)
  • Diane McGee (Staff)
  • Rebecca Howard (Student)


  • Dorothy F. Bainton (Faculty)
  • Judy Fuller (Staff)
  • Doris Fortin (Student)


  • Nancy Milliken (Faculty)
  • Irene Agnos (Staff)
  • Katie Barnes (Student)


  • Afaf Meleis (Faculty)
  • Kathleen Brown (Staff)
  • Jennifer McIntosh (Student)


  • Donna Ferriero (Faculty)
  • Tracy Weitz (Staff)
  • Melanie Egorin (Student)
  • Tania Gonzalez (Student)


  • Deborah Grady (Faculty)
  • Sandra Canchola (Staff)
  • Liz Hazwell (Student)
  • Julia Owens (Student)
  • Sharon Stranford (Postdoctoral scholar)


  • Mary Croughan (Faculty)
  • Barbara Garcia (Staff)
  • Heather Wilkie (Staff)
  • Julia Charles (Student)


  • Kathy Giacomini (Faculty)
  • Carolyn Koster (Staff)
  • Karen Newhouse (Staff)
  • Rebecca Jackson (Student)
  • Lisa Kim-Shapiro (Student)


  • Molly Cooke (Faculty)
  • Gail Gagler (Staff)
  • Donna Hendrix (Student)
  • Tracy Ware (Student)


  • Nancy Adler (Faculty)
  • Alma Sisco-Smith (Staff)
  • Tina Settineri (Student)
  • Jody Steinauer (Student)


  • Virginia Olesen (Faculty)
  • Amy Levine (Staff)
  • Marina Alzugaray (Student)
  • Renee Williard (Student)