GRLN Resources

The following resources are available to the entire UCSF community. All members of the UCSF community are responsible for creating and maintaining environments where all feel a sense of belonging and are free of discrimination and harassment. Please use the following resources to promote a culture of inclusivity:


All staff with access to legal name and/or gender data through any application are required to take the online “UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name: An Introduction to Gender Awareness” training.

Changing your email address

Update your UCSF email address to reflect your lived name by filling out the Email Change Request form provided by UCSF IT. Use this form ONLY IF you have already changed your Lived Name via your respective user system (ex.- UCPATH for employees/faculty).

Best Practices for Report and Dashboard Development

Please refer to the GRLN Best Practices for Report and Dashboard Development document created by the Tableau team. This document provides an overview of the best practices when developing analytics products (i.e.- reports, dashboards, etc.), using name and gender identity data for students, employees, affiliates, or alumni.

Creating Inclusive Teams