Collage of photos of Disability Service Leadership Awardees 2013-2016

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Award Description

Diversity and inclusion are inextricably linked to UCSF's mission of patient care, research and education, and UCSF faculty, staff, students and trainees are actively engaged in efforts to promote equity and inclusion in multiple local, regional and global settings. Each year this award recognizes and honors three individuals at UCSF—one faculty, one staff, one student/resident/postdoctoral scholar—who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and service in furthering the goal of enhancing accessibility of the physical, social, educational, clinical, administrative and virtual environment while promoting accommodation and full inclusion of people with disabilities within the UCSF community, beyond the scope of their job, area of research, or training.

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination

Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a UCSF academic or staff employee (with a minimum 50% appointment), or a student, a resident, or a postdoctoral scholar at the time of nomination. (Questions regarding academic status, employment, and enrollment eligibility can be answered by Human Resources or Student Academic Affairs prior to submitting a nomination).
  • Have not previously received the award.
  • Have exhibited and sustained efforts toward engaging in diversity, equity, and inclusion as delineated below in the "Selection Criteria.”
  • Endorsements from the supervisor and department head of the nominee.
  • We encourage individual nominations, not groups.

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be evaluated per the following criteria:

Base of Operations—demonstrates emerging or sustained commitment to achieving awareness and equity for people with disabilities within the UCSF community proportionate to their capacity to do so. (Some employees in higher level positions/jobs may have a greater capacity to perform this service more visibly than those in lower level positions).

Scope & Effort—demonstrates exceptional efforts beyond the scope of the nominee’s job, research or training in promoting an environment that is fully accessible and free of bias and discrimination and advances goals of awareness and full inclusion for people with disabilities within the UCSF community.

Impact—demonstrates that their efforts for achieving awareness and equity for those with disabilities within the UCSF community have resulted in long-term benefits to recipients and community at large or are a potential model for the establishment of other programs or activities.

2018 Nomination Period & Required Materials

Nomination period: May 1 – 25

Required materials:
(All materials must be submitted via the forms provided.)

  • Completed Nomination Form
  • One Nomination Letter from delineating the nominee’s contributions as related to the “Selection Criteria”
  • Up to two Support Letters from those seconding the nomination on the Nomination Form attesting to the nominee’s contributions as related to the “Selection Criteria”.

Please email your questions to [email protected].

Submissions are due no later than Friday, May 25, 2018.