Diversity in Leadership

UCSF is working to achieve demographic diversity in leadership by utilizing a multi-tiered approach. Initiatives include expanding the staff equity recruitment model to increase understanding and accountability for hiring diverse teams; building leadership development programs for faculty and staff to open leadership paths for under-represented groups; and reviewing high-profile leadership development opportunities to ensure intentionality around creating diverse and inclusive programs.

Key Areas of Work

Advancing Excellence in Faculty Recruitment & Leadership

The program supports the goal of diversifying our faculty demographic by recruiting and retaining diverse scholars, especially those who have been systematically and historically underrepresented, and prioritizing diversity and inclusion when hiring new faculty members. Led by Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Equity Elizabeth Ozer, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, the program is realized through funding from the Leadership Equity Advances Diversity (LEAD) Grant and with our Faculty Equity Advisors' efforts.

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Advancing Excellence in Staff Recruitment (AESR)

The AESR program is supported by a partnership between the Office of Diversity & Outreach and Human Resources in implementing a UCSF-wide process improvement to disrupt unconscious bias in hiring and promotions. This includes data-driven best practices, standardized hiring for senior staff and leadership positions (Manager 2 and above), training and consultations by Staff Equity Advisors, and a candidate Contributions to Diversity statement requirement as part of the recruitment process.

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How We Are Doing

The data showing the composition of upper management by race/ethnicity has been tracked since 2017 (see chart below). The efforts to diversify UCSF leadership from Manager 3 level and above began in 2018-19 and expanded to Manager 2 level in 2023. Manager 2 level race/ethnicity data trend will be available in 2024.