Equity in Decision-Making

We seek to embed equity as part of essential criteria in decision-making​


What We’re Doing to Meet This Goal


  • Reviewing processes for decision-making for granting awards and populating decision-making bodies, to identify and eliminate biased processes ​
  • Evaluating contributions to diversity statements in faculty advancement portfolios, to establish a rubric for what constitutes high-quality DEI work​
  • Helping managers leverage a restorative justice mindset when addressing and responding to day-to-day complaints and team conflict​


How We’ll Measure Progress


  • Tracking performance evaluation outcomes (promotion, advancement and salaries) across race, ethnicity, gender, and ability will surface and allow us to address problem areas.​
  • Utilizing rubrics for assessing diversity contributions for faculty will help us establish a rubric to be used for advancement decisions. ​
  • Comparing manager training completion with OPHD complaints will help us identify and address potential problem areas.