Equity in Patient Care

We seek to achieve equity in patient care, including affiliates


What We’re Doing to Meet This Goal


  • Working with the UCSF Policy Review Committee, to identify  and revise policies that may be racist or have a differential impact on specific populations​
  • Supporting the work of UCSF’s Health Equity Council to:​
    • Improve language access
    • Improve the patient experience for Black/African American patients
    • Drive improvement in ease of access and satisfaction with modality for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and Black/African American patients
    • Improve digital access where disparities exist (in over-65 Black/African American and LEP populations)
    • Build upon HTN FY21 efforts to drive sustainable disparity reduction in HTN management
    • Build upon COVID FY21 efforts to focus on equity in vaccination efforts


How We’ll Measure Progress


  • Establishing a process for reviewing and revising policies will ensure we are on track to ensure we eliminate those policies that have racist or differential impacts.​
  • Tracking patient/provider satisfaction and/or interpreter utilization will help us measure progress in improving language access.​
  • Utilizing data from our patient experience survey will allow us to measure progress in eliminating disparities in patient experience, access, and satisfaction modality for LEP and Black/African American patients ​
  • Measuring adoption of HTN management will help us identify and address problem areas. ​
  • Tracking vaccination efforts and comparing rates to White patients and staff will help us identify and address disparities.