Equity in Research

We seek to make structural changes required to address equity and anti-racism for research endeavors at UCSF​


What We're Doing to Meet This Goal


  • Establishing a system of accountability on anti-racism and equity for the UCSF research enterprise​
  • Promoting and supporting UCSF anti-racism scholarship​
  • Creating and supporting a more diverse UCSF research workforce​
  • Promoting and supporting community-engaged research


How We'll Measure Progress


  • Tracking demographic hiring data will allow us to understand if we are meeting our research workforce development goals.​
  • Creating metrics for assessing the equity of salary, research space, research support, and other support received by faculty of color, similar to the annual faculty salary equity reviews of UCSF departments will allow us to see—and address—disparities.​
  • Creating a tracking system measuring the diversity of type of research that is funded/awarded (both in terms of research questions and research methodologies) will help us understand the degree to which we are promoting and supporting UCSF anti-racism scholarship.


UCSF Office of Research Anti-Racism Task Force: Recommendations


In December 2020, UCSF Executive Vice Chancellor Dan Lowenstein appointed and charged the Task Force with assessing existing equity and anti-racist work relevant to research at UCSF and creating strategic recommendations to carry out structural change, with an initial focus on equity and anti-racist issues involving Black Americans and Black communities. UCSF and the Task Force recognize that there are similar issues confronting other populations and communities and that these recommendations are only the beginning of a long process to address hundreds of years of racism and inequities that affect all racial and ethnic minoritized groups.

Download the Final Report of the UCSF Task Force on Equity and Anti-Racism in Research.

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Download the Task Force on Equity and Anti-Racism in Research's Executive Summary to Final Report. (PowerPoint).