• Baouyen Tran, PhD
  • Gaby Baylon, PhD

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UCSF Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellows

Learn about the careers and interests of our current fellows.

Nabora S. Reyes de Barboza, PhD
Biomedical Sciences
Nabora S. Reyes de Barboza, PhD investigates the communication between the supportive mesenchyme and barrier epithelium in adult lungs. This work has led her to study what she calls the "chattiest" of cells, senescent cells. Senescent cells are in constant communication with their microenvironment for many purposes Dr. Reyes de Barboza seeks to understand the aging lung's senescent mesenchymal population and its effect on the resident epithelial stem cells.
Jocelyn I. Meza, PhD
Jocelyn Meza, PhD, received her B.A in Psychology at UCLA and her Ph.D. in Clinical Science at UC Berkeley. Dr. Meza also completed her clinical internship at UCSF. Her research focuses on understanding the risk and protective factors associated with self-harm and suicide in at-risk youth. During her first postdoc as an NIMH T32 fellow at UCLA, her research examined predictors and moderators of positive treatment outcomes in a randomized control trial aimed at reducing suicide and self-harm in adolescents. Currently, as a Chancellor's Postdoctoral Program & NIMH-funded Clifford Attkisson Clinical Services Research Training Program (CSRTP) fellow at UCSF, she is working under the mentorship of Marina Tolou-Shams, PhD, and will be examining the predictors associated with non-suicidal self injury among court-involved, non-incarcerated Latinx youth. Her research aims to better understand how to predict and prevent self-harm and suicide, a growing public health concern.
Melanie Morrison, PhD
Melanie Morrison, PhD, is a postdoc at UCSF who joined the Lupo lab in 2016 after receiving her doctorate in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto. Her research interests involve the use of advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to improve treatment and monitoring of neurological diseases. Recently, she has begun collaborating with UCSF experts in movement disorders. Her work is now focused on using advanced MRI to help improve a surgical therapy for advanced Parkinson's disease.
Baouyen Tran, PhD
Baouyen Tran, PhD is a postdoc in the Pleasure Lab at UCSF Mission Bay. Her main interest is to understand the basis of autoimmune diseases in order to determine strategies for repair. She's currently working on uncovering the basic mechanisms of some of these autoimmune encephalitis targets in order to explore if and how it rewires circuitry and subcellular localization. Alongside other team members, she is also working on developing and using tools to discover novel autoimmune targets.
Gaby Baylon, PhD
Orthopaedic Surgery
Gaby Baylon, PhD is a postdoc in the Alliston Lab at UCSF. Her research focuses on exploring the mechanisms by which physical (i.e. material properties) and biological (i.e. TGF-b signaling) cues in the osteocyte microenvironment interact to regulate perilacunar/canalicular remodeling in bone and how these mechanisms are disrupted in aging. Dr. Baylon received her PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, where she studied the role of osmotic swelling in articular cartilage and meniscal fibrocartilage tissue mechanics and structure.

Past Fellows

Learn about the careers and interests of our past fellows.

Anum Glasgow, PhD
Anum Glasgow, PhD is a postdoc in the Kortemme Lab at UCSF Mission Bay. Dr. Glasgow is excited about developing computational protein design methods for building new functions in biological systems. She's currently working on projects related to engineering ligand binding sites and allosteric behavior in proteins. Dr. Glasgow did her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, where she rewired a bacterial secretion system to export large amounts of engineered proteins for applications in materials and energy.
Lauren Whitehurst, PhD
Cognitive Neuroscience
Lauren Whitehurst, PhD focuses her research on exploring processes during sleep that are important for health and cognitive function. Her research examines how autonomic and central nervous system factors interact to produce regulatory effects on sleep-dependent health and cognitive outcomes. By harnessing physiological biomarkers during sleep, her work aims to develop a greater understanding of both typical functioning and maladaptive health states.
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