Since December of 2010, the Office of Diversity and Outreach has been leading the University’s efforts to create a culture of inclusion and equity for all. We accomplish our work by serving as a central resource on campus for our internal and external community members highlighting news and programming that foster a collaborative culture.

Specifically, we:
  • Lead outreach efforts to increase the number of underrepresented students at all levels of the educational pipeline, to increase the diversity of the pool for faculty, staff and leadership positions, and to engage the community;
  • Educate others on many issues impacting LGBT populations, communities of color, women and people with disabilities and implement strategies to mitigate negative impact;
  • Facilitate the implementation of equitable and inclusive admission and hiring practices and provide a welcoming climate for all through various programs and initiatives; and
  • Maintain AA/EEO, ADA and Title IX compliance to ensure that all members of our campus are heard and protected.