Creating a Safe and Welcoming Climate

We seek to create climate that is a healthy, safe, welcoming for all employees and learners at UCSF.

What We're Doing to Meet This Goal


  • Expanding CARE Advocates, to include support for people who have experienced racial harassment and discrimination, in addition to those who have experienced interpersonal violence such as sexual assault, dating/intimate partner violence, sexual harassment or stalking.
  • Reimagining Campus Security Officers as Public Safety Ambassadors and Clinical Safety Officers, to adopt a customer service approach that makes people feel welcome
    • A UCSF Safety Task Force was established and charged with recommending ways to ensure that UCSF's policing and security protocols serve our community without discrimination, bias, or unnecessary use of force, and create a safe and welcoming environment for all.
    • Read the Task Force's First Report of Recommendations (October 2020)and more about it at UCSF News.
    • Learn more about the Task Force and its members. Note: You must be logged into MyAccess to see the document.
  • Implementing a universal policy to require wearing ID on campus at all times and creating single-point-of-entry for most campus buildings, to reduce incidents of racial profiling
  • Developing protocols for using our standard land acknowledgment, to develop a practice of acknowledging our history
  • Establishing protocols for accepting and displaying art on campus, to hold ourselves accountable for truth and reconciliation


How We'll Measure Progress


  • Data from the annual belonging index and UCSF Climate Survey will provide us with metrics on whether employees and learners feel safe and included at UCSF.​ The results of the 2021 UCSF Climate Survey are now available.
  • Tracking discrimination complaints and complaint resolution times will keep us accountable to reducing the time between filing and resolution of a complaint.​ ​
  • Tracking data on customer satisfaction with security/police interactions will allow us to measure outcomes of new approaches to making everyone on our campus feel safe and welcome.​ ​
  • Hosting listening sessions with community leaders will help us level-set and shape a process in which community input guides the protocols we establish.​ ​ ​