Transcript: Unconscious Bias Institutional Strategies Video

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Linda Centore, PhD, APRN, Clinical Professor, School of Dentistry on resources for unconscious bias.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website on unconscious bias. Over the last decade, significant progress has been made in understanding the impact of unconscious bias in a variety of domains including education, law enforcement, housing, and health care. The state of the science on unconscious bias is evolving, so please check this website periodically for the latest updates.

On the website, we have a list of references and additional resources. We also have a link to sign up for in-person unconscious bias training at UCSF.

Though you can learn something about unconscious bias on our website, there is no substitute for our in-person training programs and workshops. Having unconscious bias is part of the human condition.

Sharing personal experiences with others - including experiences with a self-assessment tools such as the Implicit Association Test or I.A.T in a safe, non-threating environment is a powerful method to address the unconscious biases we all have.

At UCSF, we are committed to increasing the awareness of unconscious bias among members of our campus community and medical center. This includes faculty, staff, students, and trainees. Our goal is to educate ALL members of the UCSF community on unconscious bias and its impact on our actions and behaviors.